What can we do to make the best photographs?

As more as you imply yourselves in each of the details of the wedding, as more interest and time you spend, the better the outcome will be. In the same way, if you inform of your impressions and preferences, we will be able to help you with any doubt you may have, remember you that we are at your entire disposition, although you may see us discreet in the background, so that we can capture each moment with the most naturalness and spontaneity, it will always be a pleasure to help in your day so that everything is perfect. Also, if you inform us of your family, we will know if there is a special interest in taking pictures of a specific person or similar details. (Grandparents, godfathers, children, special friends…).

Please, send us an email one month previous to the wedding with all the information (timing, important persons, list of photographs, family, etc).

How much time earlier do you go to the bride’s house?

Two hours before the ceremony, finished with the preparations, without dressing up with all the details prepared to be photographed, rings, wedding coins, shoes, perfumes, bracelets, headdress, dress… If we have to go to the broom’s house, it would be an hour before. For the groom you should have prepared: cufflinks, watch, handkerchief, tie, shoes, belt, suit, perfume…

*these are timings without counting journeys*

How to pay

The initial payment when signing the contract is 500€, the 60% of the price remaining has to be payed before the wedding as a reservation. In case of asking for album, there will be another payment, another 50% of the price to be payed after the wedding, the rest will be payed when the job is finished.

*the reservation is 50% of the price and the rest is before the wedding*

We will marry in Madrid, is the trip included?

Depends on the kilometers, we value each case individually and we add a small plus for the journey and the accommodation if necessary.

Does the photographer stay to eat at the restaurant?

Yes, you have to count with a menu for the photographer although it may be economic and different to that of the wedding. In the case you desire video, you will need to count with a menu for the videographer too.

Can we choose or propose the places we want?

We will advice possible locations but we will always be opened to your preferences and proposals.

Do we choose which photographs will be included in the album? Can we participate in the design?

All your previous indications are details that we take as references for the feature, at the wedding day and in the rest of the process. From those indications we begin to elaborate the album with the triple advantage: first that the album includes 8o to 100 photographs depending on the design chosen, enough to reflect all the details of the wedding; second if you desire, you may see the design before printing, and third you will have in your power all the photographs so that no detail is missed.

For you it would be a real hassle to choose from a selection of hundreds of photographs and the design of the pages. Our professionalism, experience and criteria assure you the best result and a feature with a distinguished feel and the quality that defines us.

Do we take other pictures like group photographs and portraits during the wedding?

Of course, do not hesitate in asking any picture you like. In fact we will remind you so that it is not forgotten.

At the altar, there is always someone missing and it takes a long time organizing the groups. There may be discussions, specially in big families. It is convenient that this point is well organized previously, that you choose someones responsable that no one is missed and that all the guests that are to be photographed stay at each side of the altar, leaving the central part to take pictures the quickest way. In case that, for some reason, all the photographs cannot be taken at the altar, the rest may be taken at the entrance of the ceremony, or at the banquet, I insist I am at your entire disposition for anything you need.

When will the feature be handed?

Depends, if it is just the DVD aproximately 15 days, with the album 45 days aprox after the approval of the design.

Aproximately 5 weeks after the wedding we send all the photographs by wetransfer. This time depends on the season of the year.

If you want album, once confirmed the design the time of printing in laboratory is 4 weeks.

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